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Skills Evaluation And Enhancement


American Staffing uses the most advanced evaluation and enhancement software available.

Our Skills Evaluation System allows us to test in three basic skill areas: Secretary/Clerical, Data Entry and Word processing/Office Automation.

In addition, the system allows us to create customized typing/forms as well as data entry tests using your own in-house formats. This gives American Staffing the ability to evaluate and pre-train our temporaries specifically for your needs. The system can be used to enhance the working knowledge of major software packages.

Skill Evaluation Tests

  • Proper Letter Form
  • Ten Key Speed
  • Numerical/Alpha Data Entry
  • Inverted Numeric/Alpha Data Entry
  • Speed Typing
  • Statistical Speed Typing
  • Transcription
    Typing and data entry tests produce not only scores, but actual copy for reference as well.

Office Automation Tests

  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • Windows OS
  • QuickBooks
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
    Office automation test results show all of the functions tested. The candidate must actually perform the function in order to answer a question correctly. Functions performed incorrectly are noted, with errors described in bold.

Skill Enhancement

Training modules may include all general topics, all advanced topics, or both. Upon completion of the training, the candidate receives a printout detailing their scores.