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Skills Testing


At American Staffing, we recognize our clients’ growing need for skilled industrial temporaries. The skills requested range from very basic math and spelling to advanced instrument use and detailed report and diagram reading. Regardless of your needs, you want to have confidence that your temporary help supplier has done a thorough job in screening, so that the temporaries sent to you will have the skills to perform in your workplace.


One of the best methods of screening applicants is by testing. When we talk about testing at American Staffing, we mean practical, job-related tests, most of which have been developed through listening to our clients’ suggestions. As the workplace changes and necessary skills become more advanced, American Staffing will update our testing further to reflect those changes. While we continue to emphasize the importance of a thorough interview, reference checks, and good judgment by a Placement Manager, we know that skills tests help by providing actual proof of an applicant’s abilities.

American Staffing is proud to include testing in the following areas as part of our screening process:

Test Subject Skills Covered
Spelling/Definitions Word recognition; grammar skills
Math/Measurement Basic and advanced math; ability to read tape measure and ruler
Number Proofreading Counting, sorting, and recording by number
Following Directions Step-by-step completion of a task as outlined
Counting and Packing Assembly, packaging, using a calculator, inventorying supply
Reading Blueprints Completing detailed task based on written instructions
Using Micrometers/Calipers for Measurement Verifies experience with instruments
Following Directions
Dexterity/Repetitive activities Hand-eye coordination, concentration, using small hand tools; assembly
Shop Math
Mechanical Aptitude

In addition to the above tests, we frequently administer specific tests on behalf of our clients, when they have developed their own testing and wish to have the temporary complete that testing as well. By working closely with you and responding to your needs, we become part of a successful team with you to hire the most productive workers available.